Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding The Best REALTOR to Sell your Home: A SELLERS Guide to Finding your REALTOR

Let’s face it, you have heard about it, read about, seen Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about the housing market in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.  It is BOOMING!  And that could be an understatement.  With market projections on home values for 2016 set to appreciate another 5% to 8%, people are making decisions to sell their homes and take the equity while they can get prime dollar.  Why?  Well, I have heard some paying off credit cards, school loans, cars and medical bills.  I have heard some that are using their leverage to purchase new homes or that piece of dream land they always wanted.  Whatever your WHY…choosing the BEST realtor to get the most for you home is KEY!  Not is it only KEY, it is CRUCIAL!  I want to give you 3 Factors that will help you in your REALTOR search that should be considered heavily when enlisting services to sell your home.

3 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Your REALTOR

1.       Beware of immediate Discounted listing services!
There seems to be a trend of discounting listings by either a set fee or a predetermined percentage in order to win seller’s business.  I have seen advertisements for 25% discount to list with XYZ Realtor or Discount Brokers and even a flat fee discount of $1000 to sell your home to the first 25 people that respond.  My first response is WHY?  Are they going to just sell 75% of the home or the whole thing?  Think about it like this...when you walk into a store to shop for, lets say, clothes…If you see a sale, what are you thinking?  Oh, that’s a good deal!  Well, guess what, the department store is thinking, I have more people walking in to the store and buying up my stock so my bottom line will look better and I will appear to have more business than I really do.  It also says that we are having to discount the left over merchandise because of the past mistake of ordering too much quantity and failing to price it correctly to sell it.  I know I wouldn’t use a Brain Surgeon offering a 25% discount on brain surgeries!  When you see immediate discounting on the listing of your home, ask WHY?  Is it the REALTOR doubting their process for selling your home?  Is it putting less of a value on their marketing strategy?  What has been their past marketing strategy and are they in the habit of discounting in order to gain business?  Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. I understand you want to make as much as possible.  However, discounted fees most likely translate into discounted representation of your property.  Everyone deserves a fair representation of their property!  The Jessica Hargis Group will always work for you to get you the most in selling price that we possibly can get you.  WE, at the Jessica Hargis Group, will always WORK for you!

2.       Research Potential Agents through Review websites that CANNOT be Manipulated!
 There are numerous ways to research potential agents out there.  There are many websites that people go to on a daily basis.  Facebook gets a huge amount of traffic!  However, with Facebook, people can purchase people to like and review their business page and have administration control over what reviews actually hit their pages.  On the other hand,,, as well as others that are out there cannot be manipulated by outside purchases.  Each review is unique and once submitted it cannot be altered or removed by the agent.  The Jessica Hargis Group reviews on can be found easily.  We have nothing to hide!  Feel free to see my clients and what they have to say about their experience with me by clicking on the links above.

3.      What is the REALTOR doing NOW?
While longevity in any field is the desired goal of everyone that starts their careers, the present market does not lie in how active possible agents are in the current market.  If the agent you are interviewing has not SOLD at least 1 home per month in a calendar year, they are not a full-time REALTOR!  With that said, that question is one that is necessary to ask for your benefit as a seller.  It speaks to both experience and knowledge of the current market.  Don’t hesitate to ask what they have done in the current market in the present year, last year’s performance and even look for signs in yards to see who is the most prevalent in the market in which you are trying to sell.  It is hard to argue with signs in the yard.  The main thing that you want from your REALTOR is to have someone that will work FOR you, has systems in place to get your home in the SOLD column and a proven strategy that gets you the most money for your home that the market can bring. 

Now that all this has been addressed, if you ever need any assistance in selling your home, feel free to contact me at the Jessica Hargis Group or visit my website at  Any one of our agents on our team will provide you with the representation you deserve! 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions and concerns…but most of all, I look forward to working with you!