Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Help Support Coach Grubbs and Family

Coach Grubbs is a Teacher and Coach at Williams Middle School, and a valuable member of our community helping to shape the minds of local Rockwall area youth on the field and in the classroom. He and his family are close friends with John and Jessica Hargis of The Jessica Hargis Group, their son Presten has grown up and is very close friends with Coach Grubbs’ son Austin. Now, our community has an unfortunate opportunity to give back to this great man.
5165Coach Grubbs has been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Kidney Cancer, an aggressive form of cancer. Coach Grubbs is now unable to work while he fights this battle.
Coach Grubbs has been a role model to many young students in Rockwall for the last six years. He taught algebra, coached football and soccer at Williams Middle School for the last four years. Before that he taught algebra at Utley Middle School for two years. He also taught at South Garland High School for sixteen years and coached baseball there as well.
Coach David Grubbs is now undergoing his second round of radiation, and is now hospitalized. The first round was to treat a large tumor that had caused a compression fracture in his spine, and was causing him tremendous back pain.
That radiation was successful in reducing the size of the tumor and relieving a small bit of Coach Grubbs pain. Now, there is another tumor in his spine that is also causing him extreme pain and is compressing on the spinal cord, making it impossible for him to walk. He is NOT paralyzed, but is currently unable to walk due to this tumor. He IS able to move his legs, but they cannot (and neither can his back) take the pressure of walking. The hope is that radiation will reduce the size of this tumor as well, again relieving some pain, and making it possible for Coach Grubbs to walk again.
During all of this, Coach Grubbs has continued with his chemo treatments as well. The cost of all of these treatments, along with the cost of a hospital stay, is adding up very quickly. Coach Grubbs will not be able to leave the hospital and go home, but rather will have to move to a skilled nursing facility, where he can get the constant care and physical therapy that he needs.
The cost is also extremely expensive!!
Britany (Coach Grubbs wife) has had to take a leave of absence without pay to take care of Coach Grubbs and to take care of their children Austin and Dalton. She has now been off work for 3 weeks unpaid. Though she will be eligible for FMLA (Family Medical and Leave Act) in a few weeks, this time off would also be without pay.
We are reaching out to you and asking for your support. Coach Grubbs and his boys NEED their wife/mom at this time, even more than ever. Britany desperately wants to be able to be there to care for her family. 
Again, your support thus far is more appreciated than you could ever possibly know.
This is the latest message from Britany to Jessica....
“Hi there....girl I'm such a basket case i don't know what i need anymore. Every day is a new day and I'm just trying to hang on. Honestly, any help is is always welcomed unfortunately i am not able to cook like i would like to do, and most of the time the kids are taken care of but not always so sometimes it can be a spur of the moment need for them (usually when i think i can get them and something comes up that prevents me from doing so), and as for funds - that of course will always help as everyday to the mailbox is bringing on a new stress. I just feel like i keep getting pushed underwater over and over. Insurance is helping for sure but as we all know doesn't cover all of it....and he has been in the hospital for the past 3weeks and moved him Monday to a skilled nursing facility to work on being able to come home but i think it'll be awhile before that happens unfortunately. Thank you so much for your support, friendship, and willingness to help - anything and everything i am thankful and appreciative to get ❤”
Please let us know if you are able or willing to help the Grubbs in any way! Below is a link that you can follow to donate to help out this great family: