Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Price Gains for Home Sales

With the strong demand for homes combined with tight inventory levels led to significant price gains in April and May, as the median sales price reached $219,400.  This is an increase of 4.1% from March and 8.9% above the same month last year.  As long as the inventory remains in the low 5 months range, home sellers are likely to continue seeing price gains in the 7% to 9% range.

Tommy McMahan, a real estate agent for Keller Williams’ The Jessica Hargis Group is a personal advocate for home sellers.  It’s his job to look at and evaluate your house against what is available on the market and understand your unique wants and needs.  He compares the home to its competition, and works closely with his families to help bring top dollar for your home.

Some of the questions you may have when selling a home that can be answered by McMahan are as follows:

Does your home’s size and layout compare well to others around it?
How fast are homes selling in your local market?
What kinds of homes are selling the fastest?
What type of buyer should we target for your unique home?

The Jessica Hargis Group is one of the nation’s leading real estate groups when it comes to selling homes.  In addition to bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise when buying and selling real estate; The Jessica Hargis Group has partnered with a leading digital marketing company to help their clients answer important questions when selling their home.

This allows The Jessica Hargis Group’s clients have the most powerful digital networks enabling Tommy McMahan and team the opportunity to sell homes faster and with more potential offers, at a higher selling price.  This service gives a home seller a unique advantage when deciding to sell their home.

To take advantage of the hot real estate market in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas visit or contact Tommy McMahan personally at 972.896.8046.  You can even visit what Home Buyers and Home Sellers are saying about Tommy by visiting his Personal Review Page.